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Budget-friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

by WeddingWorksAdmin
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June is coming and there are so many couples planning to get married this month as most women want to be a June bride. Traditionally, June is the most popular month to get married, and this tradition began way back during ancient Roman times, but the main reason for most couples who opt to wed in June is the weather.

If you are planning to schedule your wedding in June, then you must start looking for the best budget-friendly wedding ideas, especially wedding favors. To give you good ideas that you can consider for your wedding, here are some suggestions where you can choose from.

Bottle Openers

Whether it is ordinary, vintage, or custom-made, bottle openers are one of the most common wedding favors. You can choose a design based on your personal preferences. You can just purchase ordinary bottle openers and just use your creativity to make them look more presentable for the wedding.

Escort tag cards are one way of making ordinary bottle openers look fancy. You can also pick a tag card that will represent your wedding theme for it to be more appropriate based on the concept of your wedding day.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles on the box

Scented candles are one of the classic wedding favors you can opt for. You can purchase ordinary candles and convert them into a wedding favor by wrapping them with tulle and tie it with a ribbon with the same color as your motif. This suggestion is just one example of the things you can do with an ordinary scented candle but there are unlimited ideas you can try.

Use your imagination to create a unique piece just by using a simple candle. Scented candles are more favored over unscented ones as the smell can add more value to the favor and guests will surely love its aroma.

Plantable Seed Paper

Unusual and new, seed paper is becoming more popular amongst couples and wedding organizers. Not only because it is budget-friendly but it makes guests interested as this favor consists of paper embedded with seeds that they can grow at home.

It is an interesting piece of wedding favor that will make your guests remember your wedding for a very long time. Plantable seed paper is already widely available on all wedding stores online where you can order and ask for customization.


Succulents are nice plants to collect and your guests will surely appreciate it if they receive them as a wedding favor. Not just it will remind them of your wedding, but it will also help them beautify their home by using it as a decoration.

There are so many options for you to choose from ranging from different colors and sizes. Succulents have beautiful colors that will surely compliment your wedding theme. You will only need to look and choose the right kind for it. You can put ribbons, wrap the pot with burlap cloth or just leave it as is depending on your preference.

Custom-made Hand Fans

This favor is the best option for you if you are planning to get married during the summer season where the temperature is warmer. It is not just a cute wedding favor but it is also functional where your guests can use it during the ceremony.


Another classic wedding favor that makes it to our list is magnets. Magnets have come a long way since they started to become popular as a souvenir not only for weddings but also for any other events.

You can opt for wooden custom-made magnets with your and your partner’s name in them. Wooden magnets are the most popular because of their rustic vibe which is best if you are planning a rustic wedding concept.

Choose What’s Best For You

There may be a lot of options for you out there and you will become confused when choosing. To help you decide, it is best to choose what you think will represent you and your partner’s interest or just base your decision on your wedding concept.

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