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Common Wedding Taboos That You Must Know

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A wedding is an event organized to celebrate the joining of two people who are in love. It is a milestone of the couple’s lives that they have been waiting and preparing for. Both parties take time and effort just to ensure that their wedding day will become something memorable. 

Their wedding day is not the only event that they are preparing for but also their life as a married couple. This is the reason why there are so many wedding taboos that have been around for centuries. These taboos have even become a tradition to other cultures and religions that are still practiced up to today. 

If you are curious about these taboos and want to know more about them, you must continue reading. 

What Are Wedding Taboos?

In General, taboo is a cultural law that prohibits someone from doing something. Wedding taboos particularly are beliefs that are related to the wedding itself. It can be based on superstition, traditions, and religions. According to this belief, the couple who do not follow will experience bad luck in their marriage life.

Most couples who are getting married follow these beliefs to ensure that their marriage will be happy, successful, and prosperous. To better understand the concept, below are some of the common wedding taboos you might hear before your wedding. 

Couples Cannot See Each Other Before the Wedding Ceremony


The most common belief that has become a wedding tradition up to this date is not letting the groom and the bride see each other before their wedding. This taboo originated way back many years ago where arranged marriage is widely practiced. Not letting the couples see each other before the marriage ceremony is believed to give them a chance to change their mind. 

Today, you can still encounter a lot of couples who practice this belief. However, they are doing it out of tradition and not because of fear. Other cultures have the same belief but different processes. 

For Malay tribes, the groom and the bride are not allowed to meet each other 30 days before the wedding ceremony. Chinese culture on the other hand requires not only the groom but his entire family to hide and avoid meeting the bride as she arrives at the groom’s home and before she enters the bridal room. 

Meeting Another Bride on Your Wedding Day 

If you happen to meet another bride on the day of your wedding is another taboo that you must be aware of. The belief behind this taboo is that the encounter will create a clash of luck between both parties

To counter the clash of luck, the matchmakers or the best man of both parties should exchange red packets. They will do this on behalf of the couples from both sides. 

Attending Other Wedding, Funeral or Visiting a Woman That Recently Gave Birth 


Another taboo that originated from the Chinese culture is prohibiting couples from attending another wedding ceremony, funerals and even visiting someone who just gave birth 3 months before their wedding. If they do, bad luck will come their way. 

To avoid these circumstances it is best to schedule your wedding 4 months after a relative or a friend’s wedding so that you can still attend while not worrying about bad luck. Funerals and visitation to someone who gave birth should be as well avoided. 

Schedule the Wedding Right After a Parent’s Death 

If a parent of either the groom or the bride passed away it is best to schedule or reschedule the wedding 100 days after the day the parent died. Some also think it is even better to postpone the wedding 1,000 days after. 

This wedding taboo is based on tradition and respect for the deceased and the family members. This tradition continues to this day. 

Designing Your Own Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Based on an Indian tradition, designing your own wedding dress will bring bad luck into your married life. It is best to let someone else do this job for you not only to ensure that you avoid bad luck but also to make sure that you will have more time doing other important things for your wedding.

You can provide suggestions and ideas to the designer so that you can still have the design that you wanted. No matter how good you are at designing, it is best to prevent yourself from doing it. Save your creativity for another worthy bride instead. 

To Sum It up 

If you hear someone bring up those superstitions and beliefs before or during your wedding day, you can now understand why. People can only suggest you follow these traditions but it is still up to you whether you will believe and follow them. After all, following these traditions will not hurt and there is nothing to lose as well if you believe. 

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