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How to obtain your citizenship through marriage?

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Citizenship through marriage

The immigration law in America allows residents who have been married to American citizens to apply for citizenship through marriage. It is not unusual for American citizens to fall in love with foreigners. Foreigners can become American citizens through green card marriage. The success of the citizenship application depends on how eligible you are and your efforts. You can read through this article to discover the process of obtaining citizenship when married to an American citizen. Here are the qualifications you must meet to qualify:

• Age 18 or older when filing for citizenship
Lawful permanent resident when filing
• Being in marital union with the American citizen spouse for not less than three years before the time of filing
• Continue to be married to your spouse until the time of taking the oath at the naturalization event
• Continue residing in America as a permanent resident not less than three years after filing the application
• Be physically present in the U.S.A for not less than 18 months besides the three years immediately after filing the application
• Show an understanding of the English language, such as the ability to speak, read, or write
• Prove to be of good moral character for more than three years before the application

Here are the steps to follow when becoming an American citizen through marriage. However, it would be wise to consult with a professional from immigration to increase your success rate. Also, make sure you meet the criteria above before starting the application process.

File Form N-400

Form N-400 explains the reasons for filing for citizenship even through marriage. You should fill the document and file the form through the immigration service department’s website. The resources on the website will also inform you of the necessary photographs and documents. For instance, you need a copy of your marriage certificate, two passport photos, a copy of a permanent resident card, and proof of bona fide marriage to your husband or wife.

Pay the Filling Fees

You are required to pay the necessary filing fees of about $640. You will also need to pay $85 for processing biometric information. However, you will not pay the cost if you are more than 75 years.

Attend the Biometrics Appointment

The next step after processing an application is to get your photo, fingerprints, and signature. You need an appointment to take the requirements. You can do so at the nearest USCIS field office. You might also have to write and pass a civics test during one of the appointments.

Attend Interview

You will go through the N-400 form with an officer during the interview. You will also take a citizenship exam. The citizenship exam happens on this day, and the interview is part of it.

US Passports on US Flag
US Passport / Citizenship

Receive Your Citizenship

You will receive your American citizenship after a successful process. Applicants then attend an oath of allegiance ceremony to receive the naturalization certificate. The process often depends on your situation.


Following these steps will make you a citizen of the U.S.A as long as you meet the criteria. You will enjoy the benefits and avoid renewing permits and visas. Start your application today.

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