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Proper Way to Pose On Your Wedding Pictures

by WeddingWorksAdmin
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It’s your wedding day finally! But if you think that you can start to relax now you are wrong. There is still one more thing that you need to prepare yourself for which is the wedding pictures. Your wedding photos are very important as they hold the memory of that one special day in your life.

It is why you must look your best on these pictures so that when you look at them someday you will be happy and proud. For you to achieve the best look on your wedding photos, here are some tips and tricks on how to pose for the camera. 

Admiring the Dress Pose 

wedding dress

One of the important elements of your wedding is your dress. This pose idea will give you a chance to show how much you adore your dress. It is also the low-key way of bragging about your dress in the photos. 

You spent a lot of time, money and effort in choosing your wedding dress which is why it deserves this kind of attention. The picture should capture how you admire your dress so much and it must show how happy you are with it. 

Be Natural 

The most important tip when posing for your wedding photos is to be as natural as possible. Even though your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, it is best that you still smile or laugh naturally. 

Additionally, it is best not to mind the photographers taking your pictures to avoid being conscious when posing. Think that it is only you and your partner enjoying your time together and the photos will be natural. 

The love and the happiness that you share will resonate in the pictures and it is the best pose that you can do for your wedding photos to show your real emotions. Faking it will only make you look stiff and forced which will not look good in pictures at all. 

Rotate Your Body to Look Thinner

Post to look thin

Everyone does not want to look fat in their photos whether it is for weddings or other occasions. You will never have to worry anymore because there is a trick that will make you look thinner in photos. You can do this every time you are posing for the camera. 

This trick is popular amongst Hollywood celebrities which is why it is worth the try. 

  1. Make sure to rotate your hips at about 45 degrees away from the camera.
  2. Focus your weight on your back foot. 
  3. Point the front foot towards the camera as you bend your knees slightly.
  4. Put one of your hands on your hip and smile naturally. 

I know you already have imagined what the pose looks like. Isn’t it the same way celebrities on the red carpet pose? So on your wedding day, it is best to keep this trick in mind and look your best in your photos. 

Cake Cutting Pose 

Never forget about the cake. Aside from the wedding dress, it is also important that the photographer captures the wedding cake as it is one of the important wedding symbols. You must have a photo with your loved one cutting the cake together and sharing it. 

When doing this kind of photography, you can either make it a candid shot or you can pose as you cut the cake. Remember to follow the second tip above and do the cutting of the cake as naturally as possible. 

The photo should be light, natural, and fun. It is okay if you make a mess by cutting or eating the cake as it is what makes it natural. It is also the best way to make the whole pose fun. 

The Wedding Day First Look 

best wedding day pose

Another photography idea that you should do on your wedding day pictorial is the wedding day first look. It is an important moment to capture which is why you must talk to your photographer and ask them to capture this special moment. 

As the subject of the photograph, you should let the moment unfold on its own, not minding the photographer at all. Trust your photographer that he will capture the best of this moment and just let it go. 

Wedding Dress Twirl

Aside from admiring the dress pose, another best way to display your wedding dress is to give it a twirl as the photographer captures it on camera. Wedding dresses are beautiful pieces of art and they look pretty from all angles. 

However, you can make it look more gorgeous, and make it come to life if you twirl while you are wearing it. Imagine how amazing your wedding dress will be if you do this pose. As you do this, the photographer will capture every single inch of the twirl to ensure that he captures all the details of the dress. 

Forehead Kiss

best kiss pose

A forehead kiss is full of emotions. It shows respect within the relationship and the photographer should capture all the emotions. This is also one of the favorite kisses poses by many photographers which is why it is common for them to ask the couple for this pose specifically.

It is the most genuine type of kiss that will look good in pictures. For sure, once you receive the final output of this pose, you will surely fall in love with your other half all over again and you will feel loved and lucky. 

You’re Picture Ready!

Now that you are equipped with tips and tricks on how to look good in your wedding photos, you are now ready to rock that pictorial and capture the happiest moments of your life with the love of your life. 

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