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Quick hairstyles guide for the mother of the Bride

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It is beautiful to have your mother with you during your wedding day. She raised you and made you, and has probably walked with you in your wedding preparation plans. When the big day is here, being with your mother as you do your hair and makeup is more than just the glam session. It is a great time to share the special and precious moments with your mother before the life-changing event happens. Your mom will also admit that your wedding is one of the most important days of her life. That is why it is paramount that she looks and feels beautiful. Helping her choose a look is an excellent way to make the day more memorable. There are plenty of new and classical hairstyles for mothers.

Here are hairdo ideas for mother of the bride:


Shoulder-length hair is good enough for a beautiful chignon hairstyle at the nape of her neck. The chignon hairstyle is very sophisticated, and it will bring out the same look on your mother. You can add some glam to the chignon hairstyle by adding a barrette or jewel hairpin.

Airy Volume Low Bun

The hairstyle givers the mother of the bride an elegant updo that is voluminous. The best part is that the airy volume low bun doesn’t have to be overdone to look smart. The thick pieces in front are ideal for softening your mother’s face and giving her an elegant vibe.

Woman with Braid Hair
Woman with Braid Hair

Vibrant Hair Knot

The style is perfect for mothers with fresh, vibrant hair color. A vibrant hair knot allows your mother to show her hair color with a sleek and smooth hair knot. The smoothness adds an extra shine to the vibrant hair color. A vibrant hair knot is perfect with bright colors like bright red or aubergine.

French Twist

French twist is a timeless and classic hairstyle that mothers to brides should try. The style easily complements any dress or wedding style. Your mother can also rock the French twist style regardless of her face shape.

Twisted Medium Length Half Updo

It is a simple updo that mothers to brides can wear to bring out elegance. The hairdo entails twists and loose waves that go down the head, bringing out the glamour and softness you need for your daughter’s wedding. It is a perfect hairdo for a beach wedding.

Silver Hair Hairstyle

Some bride’s mothers dye their grey hair, and others opt to show off their natural silver look. Bride mothers can match the salt or silver pepper hair with silver jewelry. You can comb your hair up and wear it with a neckless dress.


A bride’s mother can choose from the above hairstyles either for classic or traditional wedding themes. Conservative mothers can still select a hairdo that suits their preferences. The best part is that you accessorize the hairdo with pins, flowers, or tiaras.

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