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The Makeup Dos and Don’Ts for Your Wedding

by WeddingWorksAdmin
Wedding Day Makeup

Planning and preparing your wedding day can be a difficult task. You must make sure that everything will fall into its rightful place from the venue to the food up to the wedding program. You will spend a lot of time picking out that perfect wedding dress for your big day and pairing it with the best shoes you can find. 

However, due to all the things that you need to take care of, you probably forget that you must as well consider your wedding day makeup. Many brides-to-be neglected the fact that they also need to pay attention and plan their makeup. Therefore they end up getting frustrated with how they look on their special day. 

You must obey the following do’s and don’ts, to make sure that you will be doing the right thing when it comes to your wedding day makeup. 

The Wedding Day Makeup Must Do

Eye Makeup
  • Do make time for trial makeup three or five weeks before the big day. This way, your makeup artist and you can decide what color best suits you and give you enough time to play around with various looks. It is highly discouraged to experiment on the day of the wedding. 
  • Do wear the same color shade of your wedding dress during the trial makeup to give your artist an understanding as to what color she should use for your wedding day to match your wedding dress.
  • Do focus on your eyes and nothing else. Your eye makeup will either make or break your wedding day look which is why you should focus on making your eyes stand out and look better than any other part of your face. 
  • Do pamper your skin before the wedding day. Healthy skin will make the makeup blend more easily and will look natural on you. If you are stressed before the wedding, it will show on your skin and no matter how good your artist is, your makeup will be messed up. Having healthy skin will help you achieve a naturally beautiful glow that the makeup will only enhance. 
  • Do use a primer as the first step of your makeup. There is a huge difference if you use a primer than not. Primer helps keep your makeup stay longer while it ensures that all the blemishes and imperfections will be covered by the makeup. 
  • Do invest in good quality false eyelashes. Eyelashes are one of the important factors that will make your eyes attractive on your wedding day. Try on different pairs of false eyelashes and decide which one looks best on you and use it on your wedding day. 
  • Do hire a professional to do your makeup for you. It is okay to do your makeup on your wedding day but it is best to seek help from a professional. It is your big day and you deserve to relax and let the professionals do what they do best, which is to make your life easier. 

The Wedding Day Makeup Don’Ts

Makeup Palette
  • Don’t forget to highlight your brow bones. Your eyebrow is a part of your eyes and you do not want it to look out of place. 
  • Don’t remove facial hair near your wedding day. Facial hair removal be it waxing or threading can cause rashes, cuts, or redness on your face and you do not want to look red at your wedding. It is recommended to do it a few weeks before the big day. 
  • Don’t apply sunscreen on your wedding day. If you do, you will look bad in your wedding photos. The sunscreen will reflect the camera’s flash and will make your face sticky and greasy as well. It is best to use regular creams and toners and skip sunscreen for now. Sunscreen is known to reflect light and this effect will be visible on the photos and you will end up looking washed out. 
  • Don’t put heavy makeup as it will look obvious and unnatural. Having natural-looking makeup should be your goal thus making sure that your T-zone is matte by using translucent powder is enough. Layers of makeup do not do the trick anymore as it will become more heavy and obvious. 
  • Don’t steer away from a brighter palette. You can try to use lipstick that is one or two shades lighter than your usual lipstick color. If you love wearing neutral color lipstick daily you can use it as a base and top it up with a rose or pink color palette. The same goes, if you like to wear darker colored lipstick, you can just top it off again with a bright pink shade. 
  • Don’t forget to extend the application of makeup to your neck and shoulders to ensure that your face, neck, and shoulders will have the same tone. Make sure that your skin tone will look uniform from your face to your arms. 
  • Don’t rush the makeup application. Allow yourself to have 45 minutes to an hour for the makeup application alone. This will give the artist enough time to properly apply and blend the makeup to make it look more natural. 
  • Don’t start makeup early. If you have full makeup hours before the exact time of the wedding, chances are that your makeup will fade and will not look good anymore during the ceremony. You can allow your stylist to prep you up early like preparing your skin for the makeup application but that’s it. You must look fresh and vibrant at the wedding ceremony which is why you must let the stylist apply fresh makeup one hour before the ceremony starts. 

To Top It off 

Bride to be

Never forget to plan your makeup before your wedding day. Just like how you prepared the venue, your dress, and the program, you should also pay attention to your wedding day makeup. Makeup is as important as the dress and everything else and neglecting it will just throw away all your efforts because you will look unpleasant on your big day. 

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