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Top Five Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

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Now that you have tied the knot, it is time to start making memories together as husband and wife which will start on your honeymoon. Most couples prefer to go out of the country to enjoy each other’s company in a foreign place. 

There are so many beautiful places that you can choose to spend your honeymoon but one of the most popular and romantic destinations is in Europe. Check out these top European places and see which one captures your and your spouse’s interest. 


Northern Lights

Finland is an amazing place to spend your honeymoon. It can give you various activities that you and your spouse will surely enjoy. You can choose to spend your day doing cross-country skiing or admiring scenic lakes that are truly magical. 

Speaking of magic, Finland also gives you a chance to witness the spectacular northern lights that light up the skies. This can be a great memorable experience that the two of you can share and cherish for your entire life. 

The city also consists of a lot of beautiful buildings with Art Nouveau architectural design. After appreciating the beautiful city structures that will bring you back in time, you and your spouse can enjoy the open-air museum for more building sightseeing. 


Greece alone has so many destinations that are best for honeymooners. The first destination that might come to your mind is Santorini because it is indeed the most visited place in Greece by couples both newlyweds or not. 

Another option for you when you are in Greece is Corfu. Corfu island provides a beautiful and luxurious experience on your honeymoon. This destination is best if your honeymoon falls from May to September as this is the ideal month that you should visit the island to enjoy the clear and blue waters under the sun. 

You can plan your honeymoon by visiting Santorini first and then moving to Corfu for an extended honeymoon getaway. You must as well do some research on places you can go while you are in Greece so that you can explore the country to its fullest. 


Gondola in Venice

Do you want a romantic blast from the past honeymoon experience? Why not visit the nostalgic country Italy? Who wouldn’t love to experience the gondola in Venice which is one of the most romantic activities lovers can do on their honeymoon.

Italy is well known for its Instagram-worthy scenery that not only looks good in pictures but as well in real life. The country offers a range of accommodation options for honeymooners from five-star hotels to budget-friendly romantic hotels and Nice B&Bs.

Italy’s train system will allow you to visit almost all the cities in Italy without spending too much money on car rentals. You can stay a few nights in Venice and plan for another night stay in Rome or other cities that you want to explore. 

However, if you want to change the scenery from the busy streets of the city to a white sandy beach, your next destination should be Sardinia, Italy. Here you will love the tranquillity of the beach with its white sand and blue waters. Visiting Italy can be the best honeymoon experience you can give your spouse. 


Just like all the other European countries mentioned, Croatia offers a wide variety of great destinations for newlyweds. One place you might want to consider is the heart-shaped Istria which is considered foodie heaven. You can visit Istria and enjoy their best-tasting oysters and truffles that you can never resist. 

If you want to go to a destination where most celebrities and royalties spend their holidays, you might want to check Dubrovnik. This city is one of the most beautiful in Croatia that gives its visitors a magnificent view of the sea and luxurious hotels with a pool. 

Dubrovnik can be the dream destination of couples who want to experience a fairytale honeymoon. If this is what you imagine your honeymoon will be, it is best to book a hotel in Dubrovnik as soon as you can. 

To Sum It up 

Honeymoon trip

It is recommended that you plan for your honeymoon ahead of time. You should plan your trip along with your wedding preparations as it is still a part of your wedding. Planning your honeymoon will also give you enough time to choose which destination appeals to you the most. 

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