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Wedding Tradition: A Bride Must-Have on Her Wedding Day

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Wedding Tradition

Although we are now living in a modern world of technology, when it comes to wedding tradition, most of the bride continues to follow wedding beliefs up to this date. The reason behind this is that they want to make sure that by following the said wedding tradition, their marriage life will be a success and full of joy. 

One of the most common wedding traditions that still lives up to this day is the bride’s wedding day must-haves. This belief still exists today and modern brides still do it as a part of their wedding preparations. This belief became a staple in wedding trends throughout the years. 

If you want to follow this bride must-have tradition, here are the top five things that you must not forget to have on your wedding day.

Something Old 

Something Old
Old Pocket Watch

The reason behind why brides are required to have something old with them on their wedding day is to protect the couple’s future children. This old thing you carry is known to drive off the Evil Eye. An evil eye, based on superstitions is a spell or a curse that is cast to harm another person. 

Additionally, the evil eye is also known to cause infertility to the bride making her unable to produce children. But on a lighter note, something old also represents continuity in the couple’s relationship

You can use a relative’s old piece of jewelry or clothing that holds sentimental value and important memories. It is the mother of the bride who will give this something old to the bride to carry with her throughout the ceremony. 

Something New

Something New
Newly Bought Ladies Accessories

This bride must-have can be easy to have. You can just buy a new piece of earrings to wear for the first time on your wedding day. New shoes can be something new you can wear on your special day too. 

You can as well use your husband’s token that he will give to you on the day of the wedding as a customary gesture. However, you will never have to worry about this one as all of the things you will be wearing on your wedding day will all be new. 

The belief of having something new on your wedding day is to show optimism for the future of the couple that is entering a new chapter in their lives. It provides positivity of what will going to happen in this new chapter of their relationship. 

Something Blue 

Something blue
A Bride Wearing Blue Nails

Blue represents love, purity, and fidelity. All the three mentioned are the most important factor in having a solid marriage. By wearing something blue on your special day, you will attract all the positive things that you need to have a happy married life.

Usually, brides opt to wear a blue garter as they can hide it under their dress without ruining the bride’s entire concept. You can also choose to wear blue shoes, a piece of blue jewelry, or any blue accessories. 

It is up to you how you will incorporate something blue into your wedding. You will only need to have one small color blue somewhere in your attire. A blue head accessory or a brooch can also be a good way to add something blue to your outfit.

Something Borrowed 

Something borrowed
The Bride with her Grandmother

The next item you must have on your wedding day is something borrowed. Legend has it that when a bride wears something borrowed on the day of her wedding brings good luck to her and his husband as they enter the married life. 

This something borrowed that you must wear should come from an important woman in your life. You can borrow your grandmother’s earrings to wear on your wedding day, or your mom’s necklace instead. If your bride’s maid is also happily married herself, you can ask her to borrow her veil for your wedding. You can use her veil as something borrowed.

Many years ago, the original way of incorporating something borrowed into the bride’s wedding couture is to let her borrow undergarments from a close female friend or relative that are also happily married and already has kids. 

But nowadays, the main purpose of most women by following this wedding tradition is to give honor to the most important woman in her life. 

Sixpence in Your Shoe 

Lucky Sixpence for your shoe
Lucky sixpence

And now to put everything together, the tradition asks the bride to place a sixpence on her shoe. Often forgotten by many brides nowadays, it is still as important as the rest of the must-have items. 

The sixpence represents the prosperity of the couple as they enter marriage. Sixpence nowadays can be hard to find. This is why many brides in the United States used a penny instead and place it inside their shoes. After all, a penny is still money. And money represents prosperity.

Based on the tradition, it is customary that the sixpence is presented by the bride’s father. This is done before the bride walks to the aisle. If you will substitute a sixpence with a penny, you should choose something from the year you were born. This is to add extra meaning to it. 

To Wrap It up 

All couples who are getting married wanted to have long-lasting and happy married life. This is the reason why this tradition is still performed by the majority of the couple today. You will have nothing to lose if you follow this tradition but might gain something if these beliefs are true. 

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